The Haynes JD Doffer Grinder is designed to grind a set of 20 doffers.

Space requirement for this unit is 3' W x 7' L.
Power requirement is 230V/250V, single phase power.
Setup time for the unit is less than 5 minutes once power drop is in place.

Part # DG/JD

Size                         3' W x 7' L x 4' H, angle iron frame
Color                       Green, powder coated
Electrical req.           220V/250V single phase
Electrical connector  L530P
Weight                     480 lbs.
Capacity                   grinds JD doffer columns
Controls                    on/off control Square D
Motor                       1-½ hp 1275 RPM
Motor                       ¼ hp 1275 RPM
Gear reducer             ratio 24.5.1, torque 1241 in-lb

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